What problem do we solve?

Rapid Enterprise application development allowing our clients with Apply Digital System Software to develop a Fully Native mobile MVP / Prototype within a day. This MVP can be transformed and deployed into production directly with a final live Product in weeks - Fully integrated with existing enterprise applications, internal and external software. Apply is offering fast, agile low code, with state of the art user experience.

The Apply Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform consists of integrated content management system, API mapper, native app design tool and business analytics.

Clients of Apply can use the Apply platform to create native apps to increase productivity by launching it
to it's workforce. The platform also allows you to deploy user facing native apps to increase
sales or customer satisfaction.

The Apply Platform is cloud based and comes as a Software as a Service.


The design tool that allows clients to not only create a fully bespoke Enterprise Applications - UI in record time, it further allows the Clients to deploy new design, functions, UI with new features without any need for extra coding.


Content management systems to easily control all content within the applications.

API Mapping

Allowing implementation of existing API’s, systems into the Apply platform in a fast and agile way.

Business analytics

Get real time analytics directly from all the users of the Enterprise applications and key KPI’s of your operations directly displayed in a“ brain App“ allowing management, stakeholders to in a 30 seconds view get a full feeling for the performance of team and company.


Bring full flexibility
and freedom to
your creativity

The world's most powerful tool to design and build Enterprise High-Productivity Applications.


Connect and integrate with your Enterprise Suite or external applications.

Unleash the full potential of your enterprise application suite by unifying them in data-driven native apps with the Apply Platform.


Manage & edit
all type of content

Real-time update content into
your live applications.


Real-time Analitycs

Apply offers an integrated analytics tool for the applications as well as a possibility to import key metrics from other sources.

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