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This platform makes it easier for companies to create their own corporate apps without programming knowledge

Marta Villalba diarioabierto.es

Based in Barcelona, ​​the international startup Apply Digital Systems is the only one that offers this service in the world.

Today, the apps market moves about 300 billion dollars (and it's just the beginning). When a company needs to develop one, it usually resorts to third parties. But the Apply Digital Systems platform avoids this task: it facilitates the design and development of mobile applications from the company itself without the need for anyone to know programming.

The only thing that is needed is "an employee with knowledge as a User Experience Designer (UX Designer) and another with technical knowledge about the APIs of the systems that you want to connect to the application, in order to create the business content", explains the Norwegian Frode Nordseth, COO of Apply Digital Systems.

Aimed at any type of company that needs to quickly develop applications, to access the platform's tools, a contract is made in the software as a service modality : "Customers pay to access our platform and create their own applications. The price is based on the number of applications, the number of users of the applications and complexity, "says Nordseth .

Apply Digital Systems allows you to design and create a prototype in one day. Afterwards, the process of integrating all the functionalities and launching production applications can take place in a few weeks.

The platform integrates four tools: Apply Matter, to create applications without code (gives form and design to the interface of the application and then, on that basis, develop the different functionalities); Apply CMS, to introduce content to the application; Apply API Mapper, to easily integrate with other systems (connect and integrate in the application the internal, external and software databases of each company); and Apply Intelligence, to obtain analysis of the use of applications or KPIs from other sources (allows to measure the interaction of users in the application in real time).

Several large companies are already using it, including Merck, General Electric and Typeform. For example, they have developed apps to reinforce employee commitment, increase the effectiveness of the sales force, manage projects or improve the work of real estate agents.

"It is difficult to quantify how much a company saves with the use of Apply Digital Systems. There is the direct cost of not having to pay developers, but the most important thing is the benefit of a significantly greater speed from idea to launch and the agility of the platform to implement changes, perform fast experiments and collect data and feedback for learning, "says Nordseth .

The team and the investors behind Apply have been founders and directors of companies such as Booking.com, Zumba Fitness, Adyen (IPO most successful in 2018 in the fintec industry) Typeform, Golden Gekko and Schibsted.

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