A CEO was asked 'How many people work at your company?’ 'About half of them’ they replied

Pedro Codina
November 21, 2018

Jokes aside - as business grows, how is it possible to maintain a tight grip on an ever-evolving company. Most organisations claim that employees are their most valuable assets, yet only 16% of the 1.4 billion workers claim to be engaged at work.

It’s a given, all businesses crave 100% committed employees who are willing to go above and beyond. It has been proven time and time again that relationships between employer and employee are the crux of employee engagement. And if employees are not engaged, they will only give minimum effort.

Figures state that 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to a mere 18% of employees with low engagement. So if employee engagement is a fundamental aspect of any business, why don’t we put more effort into measuring it?

This is where Apply comes in. Apply gives you a tool that seamlessly integrates into employees working life, in return giving you answers - not just insights. With Apply it’s simple to incorporate measuring employee engagement and development into your everyday routine. Instantly gain clarity and context with Apply’s High-Performance Enterprise Applications. Our enterprise solutions combine every part of the business into one platform. Measure employee happiness whilst entrusting your workforce with company insights (in real time).

Throughout 2018 only 40% of workforces knew about company goals, strategies and tactics. Perhaps we can assume one of the main reasons for this is that 30% of people don’t read company emails on desktop and a further 50% fail to read company emails on mobile.

With The Apply Platform every company can empower their workforce to make that extra difference by using clear communication regarding goals, expectations, appropriate recognition and rewards.

The need for faster and increasingly transparent information within the corporate world is now the key to success. The data is there, but one of the main challenges is that the amount of data and information is massive, often too overwhelming to grasp it all, and commonly hidden in monolithic legacy enterprise software.  Consider us a ‘platform on top of platforms’ with a design centric approach giving enterprise applications the user experience they deserve on par with well-known consumer facing apps.

It is clear business’ need to step up to the plate and modernize interactions between stakeholders, top management and their entire workforce.  The Apply Platform covers it all.

Apply Digital Systems - We make the impossible possible.


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