What makes
Apply Matter unique

Full flexibility to design native apps just like you want them, without having to write a single line of code so you can focus on strategy, design & branding instead.


Integrated E-commerce vendors
with a fully native experience -
from products, to categories
to checkout process.

Content Management System (CMS)

Update your content directly through the CMS and see it updated in real-time. Apply Matter's CMS is the fastest and most intuitive way to keep your native app fresh and updated

Social Media

Get your social media linked
in one place. Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr,...

Multi Language Support

Support for 14 languages, incl Chinese Arabic, and Russian

Chat Feature

Directly chat with your clients through our fully integrated native chat and design it to fit the brand

Custom Code

Integrate your own code (both native and react-native) in our platform in just a few steps

Video player

Integrated video player - position it wherever you want in your app and display beautiful videos


Apple pay, Android pay
Visa, Paypal, and more
than 250 payment methods
via our API

API connect

Integrate any data source into your app. and it will automatically reflected in the app and updated whenever the underlying data sources changes.

Music Playlists

With our Spotify integration you can inspire with your own curated playlist


Complete design flexibility

Create beautiful design and layout without a single line of code. There are no constraints for you as a designer.

Apply Matter gives you the freedom you always dreamt about.


plug-n-play native integrations

Choose the integration that you need from our selection, style them like you want in the app editor and go live. 
eCommerce Solutions, Payments, Chat feature, social media, multiple language support, blogs, music playlists and much more.


Apply Connect

Integrate any data source into your app. Your custom blog, product catalogue or website will be automatically reflected within the app and updated whenever the underlying data sources changes.

Content & Design

Instant Updates

Flexibility to make instant changes and additions to your app. Keep your content and design fresh and up to date without having to wait for any development.



Our business model is simple - We make money on giving you the tool to create more and longer engagements with your clients

Our cloud based solution works for you. The reduction in time and cost will give you the time to focus on strategy & branding and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

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