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The team behind Apply have for the last 15 years been a part of disrupting and rethinking several industries. Apply's founders, co-founders and investors played key roles in leading success for the companies like Booking.com, Adyen, Zumba Fitness, Golden Gekko and GFI. The Apply management & tech team previously built digital strategies and solutions for large corporations and cities, such as Dubai. The team is lead by Frode Nordseth, a former executive of Schibsted Media Group - a leading North European media and tech company. Today, Apply is ready to disrupt the world of enterprise applications.


Technology in the workplace is playing catch up with the far more user-friendly services of the consumer-electronics market. This push is giving CIOs and IT directors a more central role in the way companies execute their digital transformation.

Over the last 10 years, cloud-based apps such as Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon have transformed our lives at home. They’ve taken what is complex in our personal lives and made it simple, easy and intuitive. If you thought about technology at work, it’s frustrating, it’s complicated and it’s infuriating. But there’s no reason we can’t have the same experiences at work as we have at home.

The need for faster, more transparent information in the corporate world is now key to success in any business today. The data is there, but one of the main challenges is that the amount of data and information is massive, often too overwhelming to grasp it all, and commonly hidden in monolithic legacy enterprise software.


By integrating your existing backend system into a bespoke native mobile application,  you get access to all the relevant KPIs and information in real time without long and painful processes, which ultimately drives productivity and efficiency. With the Apply Platform, an MVP / prototype can be designed and created within a day. Then from the MVP stage, you can make the necessary integrations and launch production applications in just a few weeks.

The platform comes as total package solution — giving complete control from flexible design to exclusive analytic access. This is how we help to connect data from different systems into one platform (the Apply Platform) — allowing you to get real-time data and information and, more importantly, select the KPIs and strategic platforms you want to connect.

To achieve a successful digital transformation, we strongly believe our customers need a low-code platform that gives them faster results, allowing them to dedicate more time to digital strategy and connecting the whole organisation.

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A healthy body
creates a healthy mind.
To achieve our dreams as a company, as a team, we know we must and we have to take care of our main resource, our body. We have been witnessing in person how our thoughts and views of the world change for the better. Changing your diet and putting in a daily exercise will physically change the chemistry of your brain allowing you to look at your life with a very different view. It will naturally eliminate any negative thought better than any pill ever made. Teaching yourself to endure the discomfort and struggle of a daily exercise gives a great deal of perspective for life and how easy it is to enjoy it.
"There are two tools that we use: nutrition and sport. It is basic to have a balanced balanced diet for proteins (egg, blue fish, chicken, meat) healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, fruits dry, etc.) Carbohydrates of low glycemic index (potato, sweet potato, quinoa, legumes, vegetables green leaves, etc) probiotics, cornerstone for the Bacterial balance of our digestive system also defined by the scientific community as our second brain. The trainings are mostly done outdoors to take advantage of the stimulation of the vitamin D thanks to the sun."

Mauricio, Fitness Coach

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