Senior Devops Engineer

Barcelona, Spain

Apply is changing the industry as we have developed the first no-code platform for native mobile applications - with full design flexibility. Our main product, Apply Matter, is a breakthrough low/no code tool that immensely reduces the time needed to create beautiful, flexible and native enterprise and consumer-facing mobile applications.

We are looking to fill a strategic position where you can influence the development of our cutting edge product, as well as the company. You will be surrounded by top specialists in the field and benefit from great learning opportunities. Our team is one of the most experienced in our niche and have previously delivered game-changing mobile solutions for the city of Dubai, amongst other projects.

Our aim:

To continuously learn and grow as professionals. The key to our growth is generously sharing knowledge among colleagues and benefiting from the extensive experience of one another.

Our goal:

To deliver more value to our clients. We see ourselves as forerunners setting new standards in our industry. We devote our energy to create a product that will truly impact our client’s worklife.

An extra plus, you will be working from our modern headquarters in the heart of Barcelona, where we also take advantage of what the city can offer and enjoy life outside the workplace.

Required Skills and Experience

· Incredibly driven and curious. You should have an insatiable appetite for learning new things but are pragmatic about how and when to apply these new ideas.

· You really enjoy creating tooling and automating to help the team get their work done without them bringing down the whole system

· Significant experience with maintaining infrastructure in the cloud (AWS / Google Cloud etc)

· Experience in maintaining and scaling MongoDB

· You've worked with: Git (or similar VCS), Nginx, and comfort with *nix environments, DB Knowledge ( NoSQL and RDBMS) and Unit Testing

· High level of English

· Available as soon as possible in Barcelona

Desired Skills and Experience

The more of the following boxes you tick below, the better
(we expect you to be a fast learner!):

· A focus on creating immutable infrastructure (using tools like Ansible, Terraform etc)

· Experience of working with: Python, Go, Node.js and RethinkDB

· Exposure to looking after applications where part was hosted on clients infrastructure

· Experience of migrating from hosted servers to a cloud based infrastructure

· Have been part of a team that has run a production system 24x7 with SLAs and indepth monitoring (using tools like Datadog and Pagerduty)

What we can offer:

· The chance for you to have significant impact on the technical choices we make as we scale.

· Competitive salary package and potential equity for the right person

· Full time position on permanent contract

· Career opportunities to grow within the company, social arrangements and personal development

· Join a diverse and multicultural team in sunny and beautiful Barcelona in modern office premises that are located in the heart of the city

· For the right person we offer a relocation package if you come from outside of Barcelona

· We advocate a healthy lifestyle, our team works out regularly with a personal trainer

· We have a lot of fun together outside the workplace too!

How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Application letter in English to