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Forbes Magazine lists Apply Digital Systems

" one of the most disruptive enterprise-focused tech startups at Web summit. "

Forbes Magazine lists Apply Digital Systems

" as one of the most disruptive enterprise-focused tech startups at Web summit Lisbon. "

Time profile on a 12 month project

What The Rise Of
Low-Code Means
For CIOs

There is a universal need in business for
unique software made simply.

What problem do we solve?

The enterprise market is characterized by poor user interface and proprietary systems that do not integrate well, combined with lengthy and costly development processes with lack of agility.

Our rapid enterprise application development platform is allowing clients to develop and deploy a user friendly fully native enterprise application into production within weeks, integrated with existing enterprise legacy applications, internal and external software.

This application is typically an extension of a fully native MVP / Prototype that can be developed within a day. Apply is offering the fastest, most agile low code platform, with state of the art user experience. The Apply Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform consists of integrated content management system, API mapping, native app design tool and business analytics. Consider it a platform on top of platforms, allowing our clients a single overview of your business intelligence data in real-time. 

The Apply Platform is cloud based and comes as a Software as a Service

The Apply Platform

Apply Matter


API Mapping


Business Analytics



Bring full flexibility
and freedom to
your creativity

The world's most powerful tool to design and build high-productivity enterprise applications. This web-based interface features an array of powerful design tools and animations to mold and arrange your app to fit your specific branding and needs. Without touching code, a UX designer will be able to make your app look and feel the same as a tailor-made application, optimizing user experience to its full potential.


Connect and integrate with your Enterprise Suite or external applications.

Unleash the full potential of your enterprise application suite by unifying them in data-driven, native apps with the Apply Platform. Safely connect your systems and data to our platform to create custom-to-your-business enterprise applications that provide real, updated content to your users.


Manage & edit
your app in

Upload and edit your content directly on each app screen and see the changes in real-time, without using an external dashboard or a developer. Access your images via a built-in image library and display autoplay videos onscreen. Manage the access level of different contributors based on their technical skills — from designers and developers to content managers. Publish your app in any language and send push notifications to defined
audience groups.


Real-time Analytics

Apply offers an integrated analytics tool for your applications and the possibility to import key metrics from external sources. Get real-time analytics from all the users of your enterprise applications and KPI’s of your operations directly displayed in a “Brain App,” which allows management and stakeholders to get a quick overview of the performance of your company.

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