Our board

We are proud to present Alec Behrens, co-Founder of Booking.com, Jeffrey Perlman, co-founder of Zumba, and last but not least Magnus Jern, the co-founder of Golden Gekko and currently heading up DMI International. 

  • Alec Behrens - A serial entrepreneur who most notably is a co-founder of Booking.com. Alec brings a wealth of experiencing of creating and growing a cloud-based tech company and market it in a global context.

  • Jeffrey Perlman - As former global CMO at Zumba Fitness, Jeffrey Perlman was instrumental in growing Zumba from a small direct response company in 2006, to the largest branded fitness program in the world in 2014 - Widely credited with transforming Zumba into an iconic lifestyle brand. Under his watch the company grew to become Inc. Magazine's Company of the Year in 2012 with a valuation of $550 million.

  • Magnus Jern - Reinventor of business in a mobile world. Founder/co-founder of 7 companies including 4 successful exits. Currently heading up DMI International, the leading integrated mobility agency in the world. Responsibilities include expanding our services and offering in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Frequent speaker at conferences around the world including Mobile World Congress. Pioneer and thought leader in mobile apps and web, mobile innovation, mobile technologies and user centric design.

Innovating Work Life